The Wedding Workbook

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"This book is well organized and held up beautifully under the wear and tear of everyday use. The Wedding Workbook made planning my wedding much easier." - Darla Y.

"As a wedding coordinator I feel The Wedding Workbook is the best organizer on the market. Well-planned and laid out for easy use to file receipts and contracts. A must for every bride." - Beverly C., Wedding Coordinator

"This is such a great book! Thank you for making my wedding as stress free as possible!" - Linda Z.

"An absolute must to be an organized bride-to-be." - Jennifer C.

"I received many compliments about how organized I was while planning my wedding. I couldn't have done it without The Wedding Workbook - it was invaluable!" - Tifani S.

The Wedding Workbook"A very basic approach for the pre-wedding jitters. The Wedding Workbook guides you through every part of a wedding that one needs to know." - Diana M.

"This is the best organizational tool for planning a wedding on the market. It gives you a way to access all the important documents you will acquire in planning your wedding. The Wedding Workbook gave me the freedom from having to worry that I was forgetting something and allowed me to enjoy being a bride." - Marnie S.

"The most valuable help to me in planning this wedding was The Wedding Workbook, which I still refer to. After planning three previous weddings and living in a different city than the wedding site, The Wedding Workbook was my most important tool to make this event run smoothly and very successfully." - Ruth K.

"I was really excited at how useful The Wedding Workbook was. It was so nice having everything organized at my fingertips. It made wedding planning so much easier." - Jennifer W.

"The Wedding Workbook was extremely helpful when I was planning my wedding! The book is divided into POCKETS, each devoted to major aspects of a wedding. Each pocket allows you to fill in your specific information and to store important documents and contracts. This makes everything tidy and organized. I had a lot of fun planning my wedding, and The Wedding Workbook made it a cinch. I highly recommend The Wedding Workbook for the bride-to-be." - Kathy, Los Angeles

"When I got engaged, I bought two wedding planners. The first was appealing because of all of the pictures and etiquette suggestions and the other was The Wedding Workbook. All I needed was the first contract to realize that The Wedding Workbook was more organized, practical and user friendly. It's not too bulky to carry with me and I would be lost without it. I have never used the other planning book and it was more expensive! I highly recommend The Wedding Workbook to anyone who is planning a wedding!" - Shannan B, New Jersey

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